Years ago when I was still in college, I had the pleasure of dining at Eleven Madison Park in New York City.

Its owner, Will Guidara, had participated as an external F&B advisor for Hotel Ezra Cornell – a student-run hospitality conference – where I was Design Director and led a team of designers for all of the F&B events. Following a successful conference, he rewarded all of the directors of F&B teams with an exceptional meal and dining experience at the restaurant. From start the finish, everything was flawless. At the end of dinner, one of the guests in our party requested the label from one of the wines we’d enjoyed to take home. When our server returned he presented her with a beautiful EMP folder with a personalized printed menu with the dishes we enjoyed that evening and their wine pairings, as well as each of the wine labels – laminated – tucked in with the menu.

Years later I still recall the impression this gesture left on me. It’s more than merely exceeding expectations. It redefined them. This kind of service experience is about leaving impressions so lasting that years later they come up at your guest’s dinner party. I call this impression a Branded Service Experience (BSE), and it’s the cornerstone to my approach for hospitality consulting and Creative Hospitality.

Creative Hospitality (n.)

A creative approach to service delivery that uses visual cues, historical record, and background research to tailor Branded Service Experiences for guests.

I’d like to add to my own collection of Branded Service Experiences, and I’m turning to you – my readers – for help!

Do you have real-life examples of Branded Service Experiences from your hotel or restaurant that demonstrate the power of Creative Hospitality?*

Describe your experiences using the form below or drop me a line directly at

*All examples provided will be appropriately credited unless otherwise indicated.


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