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Effectively Managing the In-Room Minibar Experience

Ciao Jonathon, I’m a restaurant manager, but I was just curious about something else in hospitality: the minibar. Why are minibar prices always so crazy? Are they even necessary anymore? I’ve seen a lot of hotels offer grab ‘n go items in the lobby instead of in the hotel room. Is that a better option […]

Rites of Passage: Responding to Negative Guest Reviews

Ciao Jonathon, Can you give me some pointers on responding to negative guest reviews? Best, Feeling Feisty – Ciao Feisty, Responding to negative guest reviews is a kind of ‘rite of passage’ for hotel and restaurant managers. Responding to negative reviews helps managers learn from service failures, show past and potential guests you care, and attempt […]

UPDATED Staff Performance is Measured by Appraisals not Guest Reviews

Ciao Jonathon, I’m a Guest Relations Director for a luxury hotel in a large city. This means my job is to arrange welcome/apology amenities, purchase gifts, arrange for extensive celebrity rider requests…anything it takes to make our guests happy. However, my company is highly financially-minded and most frequently measures department and manager success by the […]

The Real Cost of Air Conditioning

Ciao Jonathon! There are millions of challenges when renting out self-catering holiday apartments, such as satisfying the guests’ expectations and hoping for a good review, even if things go wrong. Apart from the constant threats of bad reviews if their wishes are not fulfilled asap and to their fullest satisfaction, you also have to battle […]

Double Selling Guestrooms Leads to Ethical Dilemmas

Ciao Jonathon! I’m a front desk manager for a hotel in a major city in the US. When there are major sporting events at the nearby stadium, our hotel fills up months in advance. Our revenue management accounts for these weekends and imposes a 2 night minimum which is paid in advance and non-refundable. A […]

SEO Basics for Hotel and Restaurant Managers

SEO – or Search Engine Optimization – is a buzzword that’s been around since the dawn of the Google, Yahoo, and Bing empires. It’s pretty common knowledge for anyone who sells anything online that you need it, but it’s not always common knowledge exactly what it is or how to do it. I wrote this […]